Hey, I'm Nicolás!

🌴 Digital Nomad & Web Designer


What's my thing

As a digital nomad with a strong passion for traveling and discovering new places, I focused my business in the tourism sector.

That’s where my companies, Paina Hospitality and Paina Experiences comes into play. 

Paina Hospitality is here to help short-term rental businesses and property managers boost their direct bookings.

Paina Experiences is all about helping tourism businesses stand out and run smoothly.
Although that’s the main focus, I continue working through my personal brand with projects that align with my interests and values. This allows me to work on projects I genuinely want to be involved in, ultimately moving in a purposeful direction.

Projects I worked on

Who I am

I’m Nicolás, a guy who crafted his life centered on the concept of freedom, fueled by a passion for traveling, learning, and starting new ventures. Every step I take is driven by this mindset.

Embracing minimalism, I concentrate on what genuinely matters and brings value to my life.